The entire HIGH fitness brand was built on the belief that empowering others does not dim your own light, it

makes you shine brighter! Our goal is to tell the world that the only way to succeed is to BE your true self

and inspire others to do the same!

Consistency and simplicity are key with classes that are fun, easy to follow, and choreographed to set you up for success. Whether you’re going HIGH or Low, classes are designed to get you moving, keep you motivated, and help you work off the emotional weight. You will have an absolute blast and leave wanting more – yes, exercise can be this fun!

HIGH Fitness is a ZERO equipment, full body workout that has been shown to improve overall endurance, stamina, strength, and cardiovascular health. Alternating bouts of high-intensity movement with moderate/active recovery means you avoid plateaus, and constantly challenge your body in a safe and effective way that works for YOU. HIGH Fitness also yields extremely important mental health benefits. Beyond the workout, HIGH Fitness brings fun, fabulous music, and a community like no other – connection, support, and inclusion reap their own benefits on both the mind and body! 

Highly adaptable to all fitness levels, HIGH Low offers impact progressions for every move that creates a steady state cardio workout tailored to the individual, by the individual. Lower impact lends to less joint discomfort while still yielding those important mental health benefits and improving overall fitness and cardiovascular health. Consistent with the HIGH brand, are the elements of fun, fabulous music, and a community-based inclusive environment!

HIGH YO is a music driven stretch class created to help people fall in love with stretching. This lighthearted format incorporates stretching, strength and balance to improve overall health and help participants see what a difference stretching can make in their life. Like HIGH fitness, HIGH YO was created to make you feel amazing, help you appreciate your body and become your authentic self.


Always here for YOU, get to know our team. Classes from each of them every week - choose your fit and try someone new!

Emily Nelson


Amber Zenith


Janay Wilson

Melissa Zurcher

Jen Stout

Halley Seim

Metta Semrad

Joni Hayes

Lindsay Carver

McCall Tycksen

Tangi Larsen

Krysta Dorton

Lauren Bell

Kandas Woolford

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