We are so excited to have you join us for our live streamed classes!

    MONDAY            9:15 AM HIGH

    MONDAY            7:00 PM HIGH

    TUESDAY           12:00 PM HIGH

    TUESDAY            8:00 PM  HIGH

    THURSDAY          9:30 AM HIGH Low

    THURSDAY          6:00 PM  HIGH Low

    SATURDAY          8:00 AM  HIGH

    SATURDAY         12:00 PM  HIGH



* All times are MDT (Utah USA/Calgary Canada)

** Schedule is on-going and will repeat weekly until otherwise determined

We hope that everything runs smoothly for everyone however, if you experience buffering, short lags, blips in service, etc. here are a few things you can try:

  • Press pause, wait a few seconds then restart

  • Refresh your browser

  • Close your browser and return to the page in a new window


The live delay allows for a small amount of pausing and restarting so if you have to try any of the above, rewind the stream a bit to ensure you don't miss anything!


 ⚡️You will want to make sure you have space to move, good shoes to jump around in, and you may want a towel/water near by. 

⚡️If you are on a carpeted surface, watch your footing! Make sure every time you take a step or make a turn that you are lifting your foot off the ground enough that nothing gets twisted! Hips, knees, ankle should always be in alignment.

 ⚡️If you are new to HIGH, be sure to take it at your own pace - it is important that this is YOUR workout and you take it at the level that if comfortable for you. 

#1 rule is to HAVE FUN ⚡️

We are so excited to sweat with you!

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